Chasing Perfection: Optimize Blockstarts With Your BODbx

The BODbx robot is a platform upon which training will be hollistically optimized. Along this journey, our team is solving for a multitude of smaller optimizations that collectively allow for the intelligence of the BODbx as a whole.

This specific application of the BODbx platform began as a concept during the earliest phases of development immediately after the 2016 Olympic Trials. Here's how it works and how to use it for yourself or your athletes.

In sports such as swimming and track & field, degradation of velocity over the course of a given event forces the importance of drag minimization and efficiency of movement. As a result, start velocity of an athlete has key correlation with the outcome of the race. Optimize your start and dramatically increase your ability to get your hand on the wall first.

App link and details on BODbx requirements included with purchase.

App link and details on BODbx requirements included with purchase.

Here's how:

1) Wear bright colored BODbx cap and color tag - the BODbx's patent pending method of applying color to optimization of movement relies on the tracking of objects based on highly visible color. The hips and head serve as two key anchor points for the underlying movement off the starting block. Wear included BODbx cap and place tap on hip.

2) Place the robot on an adjacent block or other object at approximately the same height (if needed, a coach can also hold the robot).

3) Do a block start as you normally would and then get insight via app. The more starts and additional training/competition settings you use the BODbx in, the more intelligence the robot gains about how to chase perfection in your start that given day.

The BODbx app gives you readouts of velocity from both the cap and hip/suit position as well as an easy red, yellow, green feedback indicator based on an athlete's personal start history. Bodbx also provides recommended form alterations.


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