Endurance: The Extension of Quality

When preparing athletes for their given sport, many coaches analyze the competitive demands of the game itself and attempt to replicate those demands in a practice, via the extent of their conditioning, or over the course of sessions in the weight room. 

While this does not immediately appear to be a poor approach, observing the factual long term development of the athlete tells a different story. In fact, the Bodbox team believes it may limit the long term potential of the athlete for the following reasons:

1.) Taxing the same energy systems involved in competition too often generally results in what athletes and coaches call the 'plateau' in performance. Bodbox makes sure that this never occurs due to the frequency of change movement and training structure selection.

2.) Unnecessary strain on the same muscle fibers in both workout and competition or in both workout and in life can become an impetus for additional soft tissue injury, tearing, and chronic loading. Our optimal training algorithm has been designed to avoid such overlap of movements and human inputs during the Bodbox performance team call allow for this on a personal level. 

3.) The trainee misses opportunities to train and develop specific qualities that can potentially enhance the ability to perform any given specific sporting or muscular task, including maximial speed, general strength, and aerobic system development - change it up! Try new movements less related to the bulk of your training! Bodbox can manage this for you automatically. 

In general, our thought process concerning development of endurance in order to directly enhance human performance can be summed up in a simple phrase of four words:

"The Extension of Quality"

The word 'quality' here refers to how quickly an athlete can execute a movement over a given distance or time while concurrently displaying proper mechanical efficiency. Additionally, we care about how long the athlete can maintain such quality of movement before mechanics of the actual movement deteriorate. At this point, the athlete is unable to complete the task due to fatigue. This is why we've incorporated our own metrics for fatigue of movement in your Bodbox's training algorithm. 

Simply put our single minded aim is the development of qualities that reside just above and immediately below a given competition activity. Therefore, we implement movements and general training structure that enhances the athlete's maximal output, thereby raising their level of movement quality. Following this, exercises are chosen that raise their ability to extend this newfound quality of movement via extensive means, outlined in the chart below. We hope it will begin to elucidate training means you can implement to assist yourself and your athletes. 

The ability to develop endurance never resides within recreation of competition activity. Rather, it is discovered at the outskirts of such activity. Pinpointing this can be automated via the Bodbox and has the potential to raise maximal output in the quality of movement and the capacity to extend this quality for as long as muscularly possible. By pursuing this aim, you can train better, perform better, and overwhelm competition with quality.

- Mr. Bodbox