Unfair Robotic Advantage: 6 Ways World Class Athletes Are Using Bodbox Now

 from the Bodbox sports science team:

"When looking at advancing an individual to a higher threshold of performance our main focus is to create a lasting change that can be repeated consistently in an automatic fashion. To create that change we have to balance many training variables and push certain aspects within the program at the right time for that individual to ensure that we not only improve the performance but the stabilization of those qualities as well. In order to do this the athlete must be completely focused on the task at hand and just working harder or longer on a certain exercise or drill will not get the job done, the individual needs to become a PhD in the skill they are trying to develop. It's about being aware of the athlete's previous performance outcomes and implementing training means at the proper time with a dedicated focus in their execution to achieve the change that will allow the individual to compete at a higher level on a consistent basis. At the end of the day results will always drive the bus in all levels of sport, so will you drive that bus with the attention and focus needed to get there in a timely manner or will you zone out and miss your exit?"