The Bodbox Personas

Personas are a way to track your training progress, unlock rewards, and move up the Bodbox leader boards alongside top athletes, friends, and other bodboxers who have similar goals.


Mr. Bodbox

Mr. Bodbox is a man on a mission. He believes he's better than the next guy and is willing to push himself mentally and athletically to prove the truth in that belief. He frequents the triathlon scene and you can catch him in the pool most days. Pick him if you're down to push the limits. 


Jane Bond

Jane is the girl we all hope to be or to have the pleasure to meet. Girls want to be her and guys want her. She's Mr. Bodbox's female equal - intelligent, quick-witted, and always on a mission. Pick her if you'd like to train yourself beautiful, fast, and feel great doing it. 


Dr. Barbell

Yes. He knows your weights. He invented half of the exercises you do right now. And he couldn't be happier to make you even better. As we get closer to shipping out our initial launch version of the Bodbox, we'll be unveiling enough persona's to keep you preoccupied in or out of the gym. Oh, they'll make sure you're trained to maximize your potential, no matter who you aspire to be.