Optimize your training. 

Place robot. Train. Get better.

Purchased a Szn1 BODbx? Watch the setup video here.

What is a BODbx?

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  • Analyzes movement form, velocity, and smoothness.
  • Provides an optimized workout each day.
  • Post workout feedback on quality of movement, form correction, and injury prevention. 

How do I use my BODbx?







  • Setup robot according to this video

  • Wear your favorite training gear

  • Download BODbx training app (details included with your robot)

The BODbx AI technology allows it to collect data about the way you train, evaluate it, and then create unique training programs to adapt and perfect  your physical ability. The ability to recognize your movement and training level means that you don't need any special skills to start training because the BODbx will optimize your form, training structure and skill set as you evolve.